2023 Double AA Sports Spring/Fall Weeknight Mens League Rules  - Updated March 12, 2023


  1. Spring Team rosters must be submitted to the league by April 1, 2023 - Rosters will consist of up to 20 players.  Rosters may be updated as long as team has 4 games remaining in season.  League MUST be notified in advance of the game. It is the responsibility of the team manager to submit roster to the league commissioner prior to them playing in a game. PENALTY for Non-Rostered Player is a forfeit.
  2. The winning team will notify the league of the game results the next morning by calling or texting, Tony Davino at 201-248-5057 or email to: doubleaasports@optonline.net
  3. In case of inclement weather, the home team is responsible for checking the field and  contacting the other team to make a decision on whether or not to play. If you do not intend to play, the home team must then call Tony Davino 201-248-5057 and leave a message on his machine by 4:30pm. Failure to do so will result in the home team being charged for the umpire fee. If the field is non-playable, contact the league commissioner to see if the game can be played at another field that day. If the game is not rained out by 4:30pm, but it starts to rain between 4:30pm and 6:15pm, then your team must go to the field to make a decision whether to play.
  4. Alcoholic Beverages and any illegal or controlled substances are prohibited on or near playing fields at all times. Reported incidents from the town will lead to players being removed from the league. NO EXCEPTIONS. This rule will be strictly enforced this year. This is your warning!
  5. Absolutely no changing at the fields outside of your car, reported incidents will result in suspensions. 1st  reported incident 1 game, 2nd - The season. 
  6. Any team that forfeits 4 or more games can be prohibited from playing in the league the following year. The team may complete it’s schedule and may play in the playoffs.
    Any team with 4 Forfeits will forfeit their 1st Playoff game as well.
  7. League Fees are due without exception on April 15, 2023.
  8. DO NOT rake clay into grass if field is unplayable do not play. Teams could be fined by town.
  9. Any problems with umpires - A complaint must be submitted to the league commissioner the day after the game. Included in complaint will be the umpires name and a detailed description of why he should not umpire any further games in our league. Then the commissioner will decide whether to submit the request to have the above said umpire removed from Double AA Sports games.
  10. Anyone thrown out of the game by the umpire’s will receive a one game suspension. If the same player gets thrown out of another game that player is suspended for the remainder of the season including playoff’s.
  11. Shirts or some sort of uniform are required by all teams by the 2nd game of the season or team  forfeits 
  12. Double AA Sports is a Men’s Slow Pitch Softball League, that’s how we are insured and registered with the USA Softball  - American Softball Association (A.S.A.).
  13. Protests - There will be a $35. Charge for all Double AA Sports league filed protests if you win the protest the money is refunded if you lose the protest the money goes to the league.
  14. The 2023 Standings / Statistics etc. will be posted weekly on the league web site www.doubleaasports.com .
  15. Any team that wants to participate in the League Leaders MVP award must submit stats each week and year end. 
  16. Fighting will not be tolerated at all. Anyone fighting (physical contact) will be suspended for the season.
  17. Make-ups will be scheduled by the commissioner with 2 weeks notice.
  18. Managers are responsible to review Double AA Sports specific rules with the umpire before each game during ground rules.
  19. Double AA Sports will use the double base at first base for the 2023 season when available.  


  1. The league is governed by USA (ASA) slow pitch softball rules.
  2. Unlimited substitution: players can rotate and re-enter the game, providing players occupy the same position in the batting order
  3. Team can bat up to 15 Players which can substitute for players in the field. But if you start with 12 you must finish with 12 players in the batting order or when that turn comes up it will be an out. 
  4. Each team must field at least 8 players to start the game. If a team cannot field 8, it must forfeit. If a player has to leave once the game has started, that team may continue to play as long as it can field 8 players. If they cannot field 8, they forfeit. 
  5. All games will start at scheduled time with 15 minutes after being the forfeit time. MOST Games will start at 7pm.  If your team has 10 at game time, game starts. If you have 9 players you do not have to start until forfeit time. Players who arrive after game starts can be inserted at the end of the batting order without penalty. Games will consist of  7 innings with 5 full innings being needed for an official game, 4 1/2 if the home team is leading. If the umpire does not show up at all, the coaches can agree to play the game using an agreed upon person as the umpire or they can have the game rescheduled. PLEASE try to play games !!!!  * Example: If game is scheduled to start at 7pm then forfeit time is 7:15pm
  6. Each team will supply 1 softball (League Supplied Softball) - USA ASA Specs - YELLOW Softball (Core .52 Compression 300 - NEW USA ASA BALL)
  7. Most Fields will have bases. Home team will supply the bases. 
  8. There is No Bunting
  9. There is no base stealing.
  10. Slow Pitch: Runner may leave base when ball crosses the plate or hit
  11. COURTESY RUNNER – Each team is allowed two courtesy runner per game it is always the last batted out any additional runners should be agreed upon before the game. In the 1st Inning with no outs the last batter in the order will be the runner.
  12. 20 RUN / 15 RUN RULE - If a team is leading by 20 runs at the end of Three and one-half (3-1/2) innings (Five (4) innings if the home team is losing) 
    THEN - If a team is leading by 15 runs at the end of Four and one-half (4-1/2) innings (Five (5) innings if the home team is losing); or if after 5 innings, the complete inning thereafter; the game will be stopped and regarded as complete. 
    This will be enforced for the Regular Season & Playoffs. 
  13. No metal spikes - anyone wearing metal spikes will be removed from the game. If he can change to rubber cleats or sneakers he can re-enter game.
  14. Collision Rule - ASA enforced.
  15. Bases are 65 feet. Except at CP Softball Field we will play at max distance between 60-65 feet
  16. A player can only play on one team during the season for the league. If player is caught playing on a second team that game will be forfeited.
  17. If the batter is hit by the pitch a ball is awarded no advance by runners (if ball four award first base then runners advance if forced).
  18. Double AA Sports Slow Pitch - The pitching is strictly lob pitch. No speed at all on the pitch. The arc is 6-10 feet from the ground. An illegal pitch will be called if either the pitch is too high or too fast. An illegal pitch is considered a ball. If an illegal pitch is called and the batter hits the ball it’s live.
  19. In case of rain or darkness - regular season: Rain or darkness before the end of the 5th inning or 4 ½ innings if the home team is leading, then the game is replayed. Rain or darkness after the 5th inning then revert back to the last complete inning and the game is over, if the game is tie then teams will receive a tie. 
  20. Game Credits: If your team receives a forfeit Win everyone on your team receives credit for that game. If your team forfeits a game No-one on your team receives credit for the game.
  21. If the pitcher throws a ball out of play on a pitch no bases will be awarded to the runners.
  22. 3rd Strike foul is an out !
  23. The mound is 50 feet from home plate
  24. The Batter will Start with a 1-1 count in SPRING and FALL Leagues. 
  25. Bats can not have Pine Tar or and substance on the barrel of the bat. It will be removed from the game. 
  26. If a bats end cap comes off bat. Bat must be surrendered to umpire to be checked and reviewed with commissioner.

    2023 BAT Compression Test Rule and Penalty
    ALL Bats MUST have 2023 ASA Sticker (PURPLE) by May 1st or as soon as I'm able to check all teams ad email message to all Captains.  We will strictly enforce the below rules. I will be at field many nights with compression tester and stickers  OR if you get a new bat and need to have it tested you can bring to my house.
  1. 1st Offense - Once batter steps in Batters Box with bat without 2023 ASA sticker or after he hits the ball prior to next batter receiving a pitch penalty is player ejected from the game and inning ending for the team hitting  
  2. 2nd Offense for the same Team - Game is over and forfeited
  3. 3rd Offense for the same Team - Game is over and forfeited - If player does not agree to surrender bat to umpire and have it tested within one day the team is out of the league. If player surrenders bat and it does not pass compression testing the team is out of the league if the bat passes compression testing then team can play remaining games.
  4. 4th Offense for the same Team - Team is out of the league
  5. There may be random bat testing during the season
  6. There may be random bat testing in the playoffs


 2023 PLAYOFFS -

  1. All Teams will make the PLAYOFFS
    1. Double Elimination type playoffs with all teams making the playoffs
    2. We will have an A & B & C Playoff Bracket 
      A Bracket Top 6 Teams, B Bracket next 6 Teams, C Bracket next 5 Teams
    3. Tie breaker will be head to head record, Head to Head Run Diff, If there is still a tie, lowest runs allowed per game, runs scored, then a coin toss.
    4. The team with the best seed in game will be the Home Team
      Once in losers bracket it will be a flip for home team
    5. You must play in 4 games to be eligible for the playoff’s.
    6. In the case of rain or darkness in a playoff game the game will be continued for a complete 7 innings or 6 ½ if the home team is leading, Continue from exact point from rain or darkness no revert back.
    7. The 20/15 run rule is in effect for the playoffs. 
    8. The playoff schedule – Will be set near the end of the season and will only be adjusted by the commissioner to account for days company needs off  

* In the case of 2 or more teams that all did not all play each other during the season the tiebreakers are as follows
Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, If still tie (highly doubt it) then coin flip


*** IMPORTANT: Player Injury Insurance is NOT provided by Double AA Sports, Tony Davino or RPS Bollinger Insurance. Teams had the option to purchase separately for their team but no teams decided to purchase this year. This was reviewed at Mandatory 2023 Captains Meeting. All Players play at their own risk, each team and each individual participating player must acknowledge and understand that Double AA Sports, Tony Davino, it’s agents, servants and employees will not be responsible for loss or injury to any individual. Double AA Sports or Tony Davino will not be responsible for medical expenses of any kind resulting from loss or injury suffered in any league activity.  “Anyone playing in league knows risks of COVID-19 and you assume full responsibility and liability for the risk of injury, illness, sickness, disease, disability, and/or death which may result from exposure to or infection with COVID-19 before, during or after participating in league from player/person interaction and exposure and/or being present at facilities. You hereby waive, release and discharge any Town, Double AA Sports, Tony Davino, USA softball, RPS Bollinger, or employees, agents from any and all losses, damages and liability"

*** I recommend ALL Pitchers wear a mask or helmet when pitching and infielders wear a mask - which could help from bad hops or line drives ***