2022/2023 Double AA Sports Winter Indoor League Rules Updated Nov 28, 2022

1.   The Winter Indoor League is a ASA Slow Pitch League governed by ASA rules for 2022/2023. Indoor Ground rules will be reviewed the first week at the field and then reviewed after the first week games with all captains to make any minor changes.
- Homerun must hit back wall and be OVER the Blue Line within the dome back wall and UNDER the Lights
- If Ball hits ceiling in front of pitcher is an out - there is a line on the ceiling
- If Ball hits ceiling past the pitcher line it can be caught as an out and runners return to previous base if not caught live ball
- If Ball hits side wall its live and play as a wall can not be caught as out
- If Ball is hit over center divider its an out and we do not stop clock
- If umpire feels defense/pitcher is stalling he can award walks
- You can over run all bases
- Hitting sessions can not end on a walk
- We clear the bases after every 3 outs

A couple of RULES for the DOME that everyone MUST adhere to or they will be EJECTED from Dome….No Exceptions...Common Sense for the turf and keeping turf clean

- No Smoking

- No Chewing 

- No Spitting

- No Sunflower Seeds

- No Gum

- No Alcohol

2.   Team rosters  will consist of up to 20 players. Rosters may be updated through Jan 25, 2023. 

3.  A player may only play for one team during the course of the season. Violation of this will result in a forfeit. 

4.  Game results: The Winning team is responsible to call all scores in as soon as possible or by the next morning to Tony 201-248-5057  or send an email to: doubleaasports@optonline.net or text so I can update results and standings. Games can end in tie during regular season.

5.   The pitching is lob pitch, No speed at all on the pitch. The arc is 6-10 feet from the ground. An illegal pitch will be called if either the pitch is too high, too low or too fast. If a batter swings at or contacts any illegal pitch, it is nullified and all play stands (live ball). If the batter does not swing a ball will be called on the batter. 

6.   The Mound is 50 feet from home plate.

7.   The Bases are 60 feet.

8.   The DoubleAA Sports Winter League will use a double base at 1st base for the 2022/2023 season.

9.   This is a 1 Pitch League, There will be umpires but there will be a mat behind the plate, mat and plate is a strike.  
You can ...
- HIT the pitch and result of the play.
- Foul ball is an out
- Strike is a Strikeout
- Ball is a Walk

10.  You play 8 on 8 in field (2 Outfielders) but can bat all 20 Roster Players if you want

11.  Team will hit for 9 minutes, then the other team will hit for 9 minutes.
The team that is losing will then hit for another 5 minutes if they don't score enough runs to take lead then game is over. If they take lead the other team hits for up to 5 minutes. Umpire will control clock and keep game moving along 

12. All regular season games will be doubleheaders. Play the same team

13.  No metal or Rubber spikes - You can use Turfs or Sneakers.

14.  Each team must field at least 7 players to start the game. 
One of the 7 Players must be a catcher.

15.  COURTESY RUNNERS – Each team is allowed THREE courtesy runners per game it can be any player

16.   Home team will be noted on the Schedule

17.   Softballs will be provided by the league.

18.   You may bat up to 20 players. The 9th through 20th players may be added to the lineup as they arrive. The players can substitute for players in the field. But if you start with 20 you must finish with 20 players in the batting order or when that turn comes up it will be an out. Teams must also state number of batters before the game.

19.   If there is a play at any base, the base runner must go down (slide) or avoid the play (get out of the way).   In the eyes of the umpire, if he believes interference occurred, the batter and/or base runner can be called out. 

20.   All bats utilized in the Fall League must be on the American Softball Association (ASA) Certified Listing     (http://www.softball.org/about/certified_equipment.asp). Then select bats, select go and review .pdf file.  

21.   Game times are noted on the schedules. Forfeit time is 5 minutes past starting time for 1st game and an additional 5 minutes for 2nd game to be declared a forfeit. Most games will start at 9pm or 10pm  DO NOT BE LATE

22.   Anyone thrown out of the game by the umpire’s will receive a one game suspension. If the same player gets thrown out of another game that player is suspended for the remainder of the season including playoff’s. 
The Commissioner's, Captains and umpire involved will review all ejection's.

23.   In the rare event the umpire does not show up for a scheduled game. The coaches can agree to play the game using an agreed upon person as the umpire.

24.  All teams are to CLEAN UP any mess they have made at all fields.

25.  Alcoholic Beverages and any illegal or controlled substances are prohibited on or near playing fields at all times. ANY TEAM, OR MEMBER OF A TEAM CAUGHT VIOLATING THIS RULE MAY SUBJECT HIS TEAM TO DISMISSAL FROM THE LEAGUE.   THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

26.  Forfeit Score will be 15-0 

2022/2023 PLAYOFFS (Based on 16 Teams, 16 Teams make playoffs) 
I will post playoff bracket template soon - Double Elimination format

We will have a UPPER and LOWER Playoff Bracket
Top 8 Teams in Upper then 8 Teams in Lower

Tiebreakers: (Head to Head, Run Diff. in Head to Head games, Total Run Differential, If still tie (highly doubt it) then coin flip.
In the case of 2 or more teams that all did not all play each other during the season the tiebreakers are as follows Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, If still tie (highly doubt it) then coin flip. 1 Win is greater than 2 ties in tiebreakers.


*** IMPORTANT: Player Injury Insurance is NOT provided by Double AA Sports, Tony Davino or RPS Bollinger Insurance. Teams had the option to purchase separately for their team but no teams decided to purchase this year. This was reviewed at Mandatory 2022 Captains Meeting. All Players play at their own risk, each team and each individual participating player must acknowledge and understand that Double AA Sports, Tony Davino, it’s agents, servants and employees will not be responsible for loss or injury to any individual. Double AA Sports or Tony Davino will not be responsible for medical expenses of any kind resulting from loss or injury suffered in any league activity. ***

“Anyone playing in league knows risks of COVID-19 and you assume full responsibility and liability for the risk of injury, illness, sickness, disease, disability, and/or death which may result from exposure to or infection with COVID-19 before, during or after participating in league from player/person interaction and exposure and/or being present at facilities. You hereby waive, release and discharge any Town, Double AA Sports, Tony Davino, USA softball, RPS Bollinger, or employees, agents from any and all losses, damages and liability"

*** I recommend ALL Pitchers wear a mask or helmet when pitching and infielders wear a mask - which could help from bad hops or line drives ***