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2018 Opening Day will be Monday April 9th

The 2018 Captains Meeting will be on March 15th at 6pm at Biggies in Ramsey - ALL Teams MUST be Represented at Meeting. I expect 12-16 Teams again this season.

Any NEW Teams should contact me ASAP to reserve spot  - I have 1-2 Spots still available 

2017 Standings & Results are updated thru Week 13-Year End

"A" FINALS - Seeds 1-6
Congratulations to Rockland Wizards CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - T-Mob

"B" FINALS  - Seeds 7-13
Congratulations to Tri County CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Net-A-Porter Hitmen

LEAGUE LEADERS - Updated Below as Teams enter Statistics
STATISTICS:  If your team wants to enter player/team statistics you need to create an account on the web site to become a member then send me email for edit rights to your team page. I will send you instructions.

The Schedule is POSTED....PLAY BALL !!!

RULES: Managers PLEASE remember to bring a copy of the Co-Ed rules to ALL games. Otherwise, Umpires will revert to ASA Rules.

Teams MUST have either 2016 or 2017 ASA Sticker on Bats as per Rules

SCORES: Winning team must either call 201-248-5057, Text 
or email me the night of the game or morning after the game with the results

GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS ...Thanks and See Everyone Soon !!!!!

$$$2017 Prize Money/Trophies $$$ (Based on 13 Teams)
A Playoff Champion - $600.
A Playoff Runner-up - $350.
B Playoff Champion - $250.
B Playoff Runner-up - $100.

T-Shirts & Trophies for 1st and 2nd place & MVP trophy for League Champion.

2016 Playoffs

"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-7
Congratulations to T-Mob CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Rockland Wizards

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 8-14
Congratulations to KPMG CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Custom Garden Landscaping
Pictures are on History Page