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2020 Spring Weeknight Co-ED Softball will start on April 1st.

I will have a Captains Meeting on Monday March 16th at 6:30 pm at Davey's Locker - 5 Park Street Montvale, NJ
I will compression test and sticker bats before and after meeting. I will be there by 6:00 pm and stay as long as necessary after meeting.

ANY New Teams should contact me ASAP


Congratulations to "A" CHAMPIONS KPMG - 2nd Place Net-A-Porter

Congratulations to "B" CHAMPIONS Brewers - 2nd Place Par Pharm.

2019 Standings & Results are updated thru Week 13

The 2019 SCHEDULE is Posted

PLAYOFFS will start Monday July 15th
"A" Playoff Bracket - Seeds 1 -7
"B" Playoff Bracket - Seeds 8-14
* Rockland Wizards will play in A Playoffs with Garfield Open Teams

All Rosters are uploaded for teams, Captains check and let me know if any changes.


LEAGUE LEADERS - Updated Below as Teams enter Statistics
STATISTICS:  If your team wants to enter player/team statistics you need to create an account on the web site to become a member then send me email for edit rights to your team page. I will send you instructions.

RULES: Managers PLEASE remember to bring a copy of the Co-Ed rules to ALL games. Otherwise, Umpires will revert to ASA Rules.

Teams MUST have either 2018 or 2019 ASA Sticker on Bats as per Rules by Early May the latest

SCORES: Winning team must either call 201-248-5057, Text 
or email me the night of the game or morning after the game with the results

GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS ...Thanks and See Everyone Soon !!!!!

$$$2019 Prize Money/Trophies $$$ (Based on 15 Teams)
A Playoff Champion - $650.
A Playoff Runner-up - $350.
B Playoff Champion - $250.
B Playoff Runner-up - $100.

T-Shirts & Trophies for 1st and 2nd place & MVP trophy for League Champion.

2018 Playoffs

"A" FINALS - Seeds 1-7
Congratulations to Rockland Wizards CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - LG-Ad

"B" FINALS  - Seeds 8-14
Congratulations to KPMG CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Konica Minolta

2017 Playoffs

"A" FINALS - Seeds 1-6
Congratulations to Rockland Wizards CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - T-Mob

"B" FINALS  - Seeds 7-13
Congratulations to Tri County CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Net-A-Porter Hitmen

2016 Playoffs

"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-7
Congratulations to T-Mob CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Rockland Wizards

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 8-14
Congratulations to KPMG CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Custom Garden Landscaping
Pictures are on History Page