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2020 Standings & Results are Updated for Week...

2020 Spring Weeknight Mens Softball will start July 7th

The 2020 Schedule is posted - PLAY BALL !

We have 15 Teams for the 2020 Season



NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN THE GARFIELD PARK - The Garfield Police, Recreation Director and Umpires will be monitoring the fields and any team caught will be REMOVED from the League without refund.
No Loud Music or Dogs allowed in Oakland 

Teams MUST have either 2019 or 2020 ASA Sticker on Bats as per Rules
WEEKNIGHT RULES: Managers PLEASE remember to bring a copy of the Double AA Sports rules to ALL games. Otherwise, Umpires will revert to USA Rules.   

Reminder: Winning team must either call 201-248-5057, Text 
or email me the night of or morning after the game with the results

GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS ...Thanks and See Everyone Soon !!!!!

$$$2019 Prize Money/Trophies $$$(Based on 16 Teams)
A Playoff Champion - $700.
A Playoff Runner-up - $450.
B Playoff Champion - $350.
B Playoff Runner-up - $200.
T-Shirts & Trophies for 1st and 2nd place & MVP trophy for League Champion.

2019 Playoffs
Congratulations to all Champions & 2nd Place

"A" Champions Evoli Pizzeria - 2nd Place Waka Young Gunz
"B" Champions United - 2nd Place Characters
"C" Champions Team M - 2nd Place Multiple Scorgasms

2018 Playoffs

"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-6
Congratulations to Waka-Aftermath CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Evoli Pizzeria

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 7-19
Congratulations to Those Guys CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - United

2017 Playoffs

"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-5
Congratulations to Waka-Prime Time CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Rhodes Tavern II

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 6-15
Congratulations to BC Cruisers CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Biggies

2016 Playoffs

"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-5
Congratulations to Waka-Prime Time CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Boom Burger

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 6-15
Congratulations to Stryker CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Biggies
Pictures on History Page