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"A" Bracket CHAMPIONS - XO Athletic & 2nd Place Headhunters

"B" Bracket CHAMPIONS - Dutch Dynasty & 2nd Place Misfitz

"C" Bracket CHAMPIONS -We Got The Runs & 2nd Place JSI FW/Webb

2020 Standings & Results are Updated for Week 6

Rosters are locked as of this Friday July 31st !

The Schedule is POSTED for the Season
We have 39 Teams for the 2020 Season

Northeast Division has 11 Teams and is the "A" Division / "A" Playoffs
Some teams may play a game outside division.

2020 Regular Season Dates
12 Games All Doubleheaders, All Teams make Playoffs

July 12th, July 19th, July 26th
Aug 2nd, Aug 9th,  Aug 16th, Make-ups or Playoffs Start Aug 23rd

2020 PLAYOFFS UPDATE -  Playoffs start Aug 30th

*** If NO rain we will get to the Finals in the A & C Bracket and Semi Finals in the B Bracket - I will work with the REMAINING Few Teams to schedule games that work for everyone ***
A Playoffs - Top 8 Teams in A Division (Northeast Div) - Best of Three  

B Playoffs - Seeds 9-24 (Last 3 teams in A Div will be 9,10,11 Seeds, Then Seeds 12,13,14 are Division Winners) and next best 10 Seeds - Best of Three

C Playoffs - Seeds 25-39 - 1st Round Single Elimination then Best of Three (In past all single to finals)


Rules: Managers PLEASE remember to bring a copy of the Double AA Sports rules to ALL games. Otherwise, Umpires will revert to ASA Rules.

Scores: Winning team must either call 201-248-5057, Text or 
email ( the day of the game with scores
In the event of a split both teams should contact me

In case of Rain: 
Please use the Web Site 1st it will be updated by 7:30am on game days !!! OR Call 

LEAGUE LEADERS - Updated Below as Teams enter Statistics
If your team wants to enter player/team statistics you need to create an account on the web site to become a member then send me email for edit rights to your team page. I will send you instructions.

$$$2020 Spring League Prize Money/Trophies $$$
(Based on 39 Teams)
A Playoff Champion - $1500. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
A Playoff Runner-up - $700. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque,)
B Playoff Champion - $600 (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
B Playoff Runner-up - $400 (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque)
C Playoff Champion - $300. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
C Playoff Runner-up - $150. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque)

Division Winner's - $100. each (Plus Team Plaque)




2019 PLAYOFFS Brackets are Updated
Congratulations to all Champions & 2nd Place Teams

"Elite" Bracket
Champions - XO Athletic
2nd Place - Motown Grasshopper

"A" Bracket
Champions - War Machine
2nd Place - Brew Crew

"B" Bracket
Champions - Silver Spring Financial
2nd Place - Sharky's

2018 PLAYOFFS Brackets are Updated

"Elite" FINALS - Seeds 1-8
Congratulations to XO Athletic CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Waka-Aftermath

"A" FINALS - Seeds - 9-24 
Congratulations to Morning Wood CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Section 201

"B" FINALS - Seeds 25-40 
Congratulations to Underdogs CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - FL EMS

"C" Playoffs - Seeds 41-47
Congratulations to Jimmy Geez Renegades CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Long Shots

(Pictures on History Page)

2017  PLAYOFFS Brackets are Updated 

Congratulations to Waka-Primetime CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - XO Athletic

Congratulations to Thatchers CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Beaston

Congratulations to East Hanover Padres CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Morning Wood

"C" Playoffs - Seeds 33-50
Congratulations to Grasshopper Too CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - High Grade

(Pictures on History Page)


"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-16
Congratulations to Waka-Beer Spot - CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Jiggs

"A2" Playoffs
Congratulations to Valley Stables & Princeton Therapy 

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 17-32
Congratulations to Waka-Greenrock - CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Razorbacks

"C" Playoffs - Seeds 33-50
Congratulations to FL EMS - CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Bombers
- Pictures on History Page