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2024 Spring League

I will email Captains & I will post League Information here as soon as ready. Any New Teams should contact me soon to get on Distribution list.
Captains Meeting in March - Date TBD Soon
Opening Day in April - Date TBD Soon



"Elite" CHAMPIONS - The Rock & 2nd Place HTC Highway
"A" CHAMPIONS - Kozłowski Masonry & 2nd Place Bask Bar & Grill
"B" CHAMPIONS - Kekembas & 2nd Place High Grade Construction
"C" CHAMPIONS - North Street Bar & Grill & 2nd Place Weekend 

2023 Standings & Results are Updated for Week 9

Reminder: We are OFF Sunday July 2nd & Right now Playoffs will Start on Sunday July 9th.

The Schedule is POSTED

ROSTERS are LOCKED as of June 14th

We have 47 Teams
We have Odd number of teams so each week there will be one field with 3 teams so play according to schedule and times.

Some Teams will play out of division games vs competitive teams

2023 Regular Season Dates
18 Games All Doubleheaders, All Teams make Playoffs as long as you win 1 Game

April 2nd, April 16th, April 23rd, April 30th,
May 7th, May 14th, May 21st,
June 4th, June 11th
Make-ups or Playoffs Start June 18th


Rules: Managers PLEASE remember to bring a copy of the Double AA Sports rules to ALL games. Otherwise, Umpires will revert to ASA Rules.

Scores: Winning team must either call 201-248-5057, Text or 
email ( the day of the game with scores
In the event of a split both teams should contact me

In case of Rain: 
Please use the Web Site 1st it will be updated by 7:30am on game days !!! OR Call 

LEAGUE LEADERS - Updated Below as Teams enter Statistics
If your team wants to enter player/team statistics you need to create an account on the web site to become a member then send me email for edit rights to your team page. I will send you instructions.

$$$2023 Spring League Prize Money/Trophies $$$
(Based on 47 Teams)
Elite Playoff Champion - $1650. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
Elite Playoff Runner-up - $850. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque,)
A Playoff Champion - $700 (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
A Playoff Runner-up - $600 (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque)
B Playoff Champion - $550. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
B Playoff Runner-up - $350. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque)
C Playoff Champion - $200. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque, MVP Plaque)
C Playoff Runner-up - $100. (Plus T-Shirts, Team Plaque)

Division Winner's - $100. each (Plus Team Plaque)




2022 Congratulations !!!

"A" CHAMPIONS - XO Athletic & 2nd Place Motown Grasshopper
"B" CHAMPIONS - Dutch Dynasty & 2nd Place Cheefs
"C" CHAMPIONS - MRock & 2nd Place Benchwarmers
"D" CHAMPIONS - Pink Nation & 2nd Place Kerala Express


"A" Bracket CHAMPIONS - XO Athletic & 2nd Place - New Breed

"B" Bracket CHAMPIONS - Beta Males & 2nd Place - Kodiak Hustle Gang

"C" Bracket CHAMPIONS - Titans Ace Security & 2nd Place - Bulldogs

"D" Bracket CHAMPIONS -Grasshopper Too & 2nd Place - Raiders

2020 Congratulations:

"A" Bracket CHAMPIONS - XO Athletic & 2nd Place Headhunters

"B" Bracket CHAMPIONS - Dutch Dynasty & 2nd Place Misfitz

"C" Bracket CHAMPIONS -We Got The Runs & 2nd Place JSI FW/Webb

2019 PLAYOFFS Brackets are Updated
Congratulations to all Champions & 2nd Place Teams

"Elite" Bracket
Champions - XO Athletic
2nd Place - Motown Grasshopper

"A" Bracket
Champions - War Machine
2nd Place - Brew Crew

"B" Bracket
Champions - Silver Spring Financial
2nd Place - Sharky's

2018 PLAYOFFS Brackets are Updated

"Elite" FINALS - Seeds 1-8
Congratulations to XO Athletic CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Waka-Aftermath

"A" FINALS - Seeds - 9-24 
Congratulations to Morning Wood CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Section 201

"B" FINALS - Seeds 25-40 
Congratulations to Underdogs CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - FL EMS

"C" Playoffs - Seeds 41-47
Congratulations to Jimmy Geez Renegades CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Long Shots

(Pictures on History Page)

2017  PLAYOFFS Brackets are Updated 

Congratulations to Waka-Primetime CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - XO Athletic

Congratulations to Thatchers CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Beaston

Congratulations to East Hanover Padres CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Morning Wood

"C" Playoffs - Seeds 33-50
Congratulations to Grasshopper Too CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - High Grade

(Pictures on History Page)


"A" Playoffs - Seeds 1-16
Congratulations to Waka-Beer Spot - CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Jiggs

"A2" Playoffs
Congratulations to Valley Stables & Princeton Therapy 

"B" Playoffs - Seeds 17-32
Congratulations to Waka-Greenrock - CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Razorbacks

"C" Playoffs - Seeds 33-50
Congratulations to FL EMS - CHAMPIONS
2nd Place - Bombers
- Pictures on History Page